Video storytelling involves various criteria in each production, including planning, structure, script, pre-production, production, and post-production. It also encompasses animation, music production, encoding, and more.

High Vibe Storytelling is mindful of these factors and strives to navigate them effectively, adapting to clients' ideas, proposals, and budgets, always aiming for the best results.

Reel of Queensland & Gratitude 2023!

After working for over seven years as a video producer and even more as a TV producer in Venezuela, "High Vibe Storytelling by Laura" was established in August 2023. Laura is passionate about photography, capturing real moments and producing compelling video narratives. Her experience primarily lies in creating testimonials and training videos. Her goal is to create heartwarming stories that inspire people towards their life's purpose. This video showcases a collection of her past work and expresses gratitude to all those who made this idea possible. Thank you for existing and being a part of her journey.

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New beginnings in NSW!

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